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          Artokens are a unique form of artistic expression created and visualized by the visual artist Mihail Korubin. They are an embodiment of particular words, emotions, characters, events, and more, portrayed in a specific minimalistic style that is always designed and shaped from almost perfect simple geometrical shapes. The artistic signature of the Artokens remains consistent for every new word that is created in the future. These drawings are called “Artokens,” a completely made-up word that is derived from the words “Art” and “Tokens,” signifying the meaning of artistic symbols.

1. Every Artoken is always the same dimension and is framed in the same manner. Only the color of the edition can be subject to change, or the unique special edition Artokens. The Artokens cannot be purchased in a different format. 

2. All Artokens are 35 cm x 35 cm. Every Artoken is framed between two sets of crystal clear glass, finished with a handcrafted wooden frame with a metal finish or black finish, and is ready to be mounted. 

3. Every Artoken is hand-drawn, hand-signed, and numbered by Mihail Korubin. 

4. Artokens are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and are pack ed in a specially designed box. Each Artoken has a serial code that prevents forgery. 


 Important: New designs for words that have already been made will never be repeated. For example, there will be only one artwork for the word “Eternal,” and once all pieces are purchased, that Artoken will never be drawn and sold again in its original form as an Artoken. Not all Artokens will be available at the same time. 


artokens editions

artokens editions

Each Artoken is a collectible limited edition drawing, hand-drawn and signed by Mihail Korubin. Every edition comes with a specific numeration depending on the word, color, and rarity.

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We offer worldwide shipping through FedEx, with a unique tracking number assigned to each order. Please note that returns are only possible if the product is damaged. Refunds are only possible before shipping has started or if the product is damaged upon arrival. If you have any questions about shipping or returns, please contact us at

Regarding shipping times, we offer the following delivery options:

Macedonia: 3-5 working days.

Zone 1: 6-12 working days. This zone includes Europe and EU.

Zone 2: 8-12 working days. This zone includes Middle East and Northern Africa.

Zone 3: 8-12 working days. This zone includes Central Africa and Central Asia.

Zone 4: 8-12 working days. This zone includes North and Middle America.

Zone 5: 8-12 working days. This zone includes South Africa and Far East.

Zone 6: 8-14 working days. This zone includes South America.

Zone 7: 8-14 working days. This zone includes Australia and Oceania.

Each limited edition print ordered without a frame is packaged by rolling it in a custom tube. To ensure the print’s safety, it is protected with additional paper that is rolled around it and secured with a custom sticker. Additionally, each print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Framed prints are shipped only locally and are packaged in a paper box for protection.

Our Artokens are packaged in a custom orange box that is secured with a sticker. Additionally, each Artoken comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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