Artokens are created and visualized by artist Mihail Korubin. They embody an artistic representation of particular words, emotions, characters, events, etc, made in a specific minimalistic style,  always designed and shaped from the almost perfect simple geometrical forms. The artistic signature of the Artokens will stay in the same manner for every next new word that is coming in the future. These drawings are called "Artokens" which is a completely made-up word, made from the word "Art" and the word "Tokens" which should signify the meaning of artistic symbols. 
The artokens are collectible limited edition drawings. Every edition is hand-drawn by Mihail Korubin.  Each of them comes with a specific numeration depending on the word the color and its rarity.

Please read below the specifications about the Artokens!

1.Every Artoken is always the same dimension and always framed in the same manner. Only the color of the edition can be a subject to change or the unique special edition Artokens. The Artokens cannot be purchased in a different format.

2. All Artokens are 35 cm x 35 cm.

3. Every artoken is framed between two sets of crystal clear glass finished with a handcrafted wooden frame with a metal finish, and ready to be mounted.
4. Every Artoken is hand-drawn, hand-signed and numbered by Mihail Korubin.
5.  All artokens are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and packed in a specially designed box.
6. Each artoken has a serial code preventing forgery.



 Note: All artokens come in the same dimesions and same framing manner. Some of the more rearest editions can have some more details on the framing and packaging.
Important: New designs for words that have already been made will never be repeated. 
Ex. There will be only one artwork for the word "Eternal" and once all pieces are purchased that artoken will never be drawn and sold again in it's original form as an Artoken.
Not all Artokens will be available at the same time. 
Please check the charts below for the Artokens editions.







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Secret 🟠 20p. - Coming soon

Artistic representation of the meaning Secret. More info coming soon.
Call for pricing

Artoken Alien

Artistic representation of the meaning Alien. More info coming soon.
Call for pricing


Artistic representation of the meaning Creator. More info coming soon.
Call for pricing

Sunset artoken

Artistic representation of the meaning Sunset.
Call for pricing

Silence artoken

Artistic representation of the meaning Silence.
Call for pricing